Website update: new page on the TOMAS project

TOMAS is a middle-size toroidal machine in Forschungszentrum-Jülich (Germany) equipped with  GD, ECRF, and ICRF heating systems, various diagnostics and material exposure equipment. It allows for wall conditioning, plasma production, and plasma-surface interaction studies. It is operated by a team from the LPP. More details here.

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Best Poster Award for Vincent MAQUET during the 24th TCRFPP

Our colleague Vincent MAQUET has won the “Outstanding Poster Contribution by a Student” award at the occasion of the 24th Topical Conference on Radio-frequency Power in Plasmas organised in Annapolis, Maryland (USA). The poster is entitled “Minimization of the edge modes and near-fields of Traveling Wave Array” and is co-authored by Ricardo Ragona (DTU, Denmark), […]

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Passing of Michel Berte

It is with great sadness that we deplore the passing of the lab’s lead mechanical technician, Michel Berte. Michel joined the lab during the early days of the installation and operation of the ICRH system on TEXTOR in the early 1980s. Michel’s technical knowledge and eagerness to learn, his natural energy to work and to […]

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