500000 watts, four seconds: Successful start for the ICRF heating system in Wendelstein 7-X

Great success for German-Belgian fusion research: An innovative heating system with radio waves was used for the first time in the world’s largest stellarator Wendelstein 7-X at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) in Greifswald. Using a new type of antenna, more than 500,000 watts could be radiated into a helium plasma for four seconds without any disruption to the plasma operation. The new ion heating system for the Greifswald fusion experiment is based on the design of the LPP ERM/KMS and was built in close cooperation with the Institut für Plasmaphysik and the Zentralinstitut für Engineering, Elektronik und Analytik at the Forschungszentrums Jülich.

More details in the following articles

https://www.fz-juelich.de/de/aktuelles/news/meldungen/2023/500-000-watt-vier-sekunden-erfolgreicher-start-fuer-heizsystem-mit-radiowellen-in-wendelstein-7-x (in German)

https://www.ipp.mpg.de/5322229/01_23?c=14226 (in English)

De Standaard (3/3/2023):

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