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 “The upgraded TOMAS device: a toroidal plasma facility for wall conditioning, plasma production and plasma – surface interaction studies,” by Andrei Goriaev, Tom Wauters and co-authors, was published online on 02-16-2021, in Review of Scientific Instruments (Vol.92, Issue 2). It may be accessed via the link below:

Here is the abstract of this article:

 The TOMAS device, has been significantly upgraded to enable development of various wall conditioning techniques, including methods based on ion- and electron-cyclotron (IC / EC) range of frequency plasmas, and to complement plasma-wall interaction research in tokamaks and stellarators. The toroidal magnetic field generated by 16 coils can reach its maximum of 125 mT on the toroidal axis. The EC system is operated at 2.45 GHz with up to 6 kW forward power. The IC system can couple up to 6 kW in the frequency range of 10 – 50 MHz. The direct current glow discharge system is based on a graphite anode with the maximum voltage of 1.5 kV and current of 6 A. A load-lock system with a vertical manipulator allows exposure of material samples. A number of diagnostics have been installed: single- and triple-pin Langmuir probes for radial plasma profiles, a Time-of-Flight Neutral Particle Analyzer capable of detecting neutrals in the energy range of 10 – 1000 eV, a Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer and video systems for plasma imaging. The majority of systems and diagnostics are controlled by the Siemens SIMATIC S7 system, which also provides safety interlocks.

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