Laboratory for Plasma Physics
Ecole Royale Militaire - Koninklijke Militaire School
Avenue de la Renaissance 30, 1000 Brussels
Phone: (+32) 2 441 41 19       Fax: (+32) 2 735 24 21
Paul Vandenplas

Professor Emeritus†

Brussels office : +32 2 441 4118


Recent publications
  • 50 years of Controlled Nuclear Fusion in the European Union. In Europhysicsnews, Vol. 39(2):21, April 2008.
  • Recent progress toward high performance above the Greenwald density limit in impurity seeded discharges in limiter and divertor tokamaks. In Physics of Plasmas, Vol. 8(5):2188, 2001.Note: Invited paper at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics of the American Physical Society, Quebec City (Canada) - 23/27 October 2000
  • Nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations of ion turbulence in impurity seeded and high density toroidal plasmas. In Proceedings Fusion Energy 2000 of the 18th Fusion Energy Conference, Sorento (Italy) - 4/10 October 2000, Vol. IAEA-CN-77(THP1/27), 2000.
  • Overview of experiments with radiation cooling at high confinement and high density in limited and diverted discharges. In Plasma Phys. Controlled Fusion, Vol. 41(3):A379, June 1999.Note: Invited lecture at the 25th EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics, Praha (Czech Republic) - 29 June/03 July 1998
  • Overview of RI-Mode results on TEXTOR-94. In Nuclear Fusion, Vol. 39(11Y):1637, 1999.
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