Laboratory for Plasma Physics
Ecole Royale Militaire - Koninklijke Militaire School
Avenue de la Renaissance 30, 1000 Brussels
Phone: (+32) 2 441 41 19       Fax: (+32) 2 735 24 21
Michael Van Schoor

Professor & Department Head

Brussels office : +32 2 441 4125


Building D, Room 10.37

Recent publications
  • J. Ongena, Yevgen Kazakov, Bernd Schweer, Fabrice Louche, Andre Messiaen, Michel Vervier, V. Borsuk, R. Bilato, D.A. Hartmann, K.P. Hollfeld, J. Kallmeyer, A. Krivska, Olaf Neubauer, Dirk Van Eester, M. Van Schoor, Tom Wauters, R. C. Wolf, the W7-X and team. Physics and applications of ICRH on W7-X. In Proceedings Fusion Energy 2016, Vol. IAEA CN-234:EX/P5-12, October 2016.Note: Presented at the 26th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, 17-22 October 2016 Kyoto (Japan)
  • Tom Wauters, A. Lyssoivan, Alena Kvrivská, Fabrice Louche, M. Van Schoor and Jean-Marie Noterdaeme. Monte Carlo simulation of ICRF discharge initiation in ITER. In AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1689(1):060009+, December 2015.Note: ISSN 0094-243X
  • M. Van Schoor and R. Weynants. Fusion machines. In forschungszentrum Juelich. editor, Vol. Energie und Umwelt - Energy and Environment - Volume 298:25-31, September 2015.
  • M. Van Schoor and R. Weynants. Fusion Machines. In TEC. editor, Proceedings of the 11th Carolus Magnus Summer School on Plasma and Fusion Energy Physics, Physikzentrum, Bad Honnef, Germany - 26. August / 6. September 2013, Pages 25-31, September 2014.
  • Frédéric Durodié, Pierre Dumortier, Mark Vrancken, A. Messiaen, Rob Bamber, David Hancock, S. Huygen, D. Lockley, Fabrice Louche, Riccardo Maggiora, Daniele Milanesio, M. P. S. Nightingale, Mark Shannon, P. Tigwell, M. Van Schoor, Michel Vervier, David J. Wilson, Konstantin Winkler and the cycle team. Design, performance, and grounding aspects of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor ion cyclotron range of frequencies antenna. In Physics of Plasmas (1994-present), Vol. 21(6):061512+, June 2014.Note: ISSN 1070-664X