Laboratory for Plasma Physics
Ecole Royale Militaire - Koninklijke Militaire School
Avenue de la Renaissance 30, 1000 Brussels
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Jef Ongena


Brussels office : +32 2 441 4114
JET office : +44 1235 46 4997


Bulding D, Room 10.27
Presently on assignment at JET

Recent publications
  • Jorge H. Belo, Philippe Bibet, Joao Bizarro, Bernard Bertrand, Roberto Cesario, Mauro Corona, Paul Finburg, Alan S. Kaye, Frederic Leguern, Alain Lioure, Joelle Mailloux, Francesco Mirizzi, Jef Ongena, Christophe Portafaix, Pietro Testoni, Angelo A. Tuccillo, Jean-Claude Vallet, Bob Walton, Robert J. Warren and David J. Wilson. An ITER-relevant passive active multijunction launcher for lower hybrid current drive in JET-grade plasmas. In Nuclear Fusion, Vol. 51(8):083017+, IOP Publishing, August 2011.Note: ISSN 0029-5515
  • K. Crombé, Yuhong Xu, X. Xu, A. Bogomolov, C. Giroud, Andreas Kramer-Flecken, Yungfeng Liang, Jef Ongena, Y. Sun, G. Van Oost, G. Verdoolaege and jet efda contributors. Experimental observation of non-resonant toroidal rotation braking with a magnetic perturbation field on JET. In Europhysics Conference Abstracts, Vol. 35:P1.136, July 2011.Note: Proceedings of the 38th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Strasbourg (France) - 27 June-01 July 2011
  • D. Douai, A. I. Lyssoivan, V. Philipps, V. Rohde, T. Wauters, T. Blackman, VL. Bobkov, S. Brémond, S. Brezinsek, F. Clairet, E. De la Cal, T. Coyne, E. Gauthier, T. Gerbaud, M. Graham, S. Jachmich, ED. Joffrin, R. Koch, A. Kreter, R. Laengner, P. Lamalle, E. Lerche, G. Lombard, M. Maslov, Marie-Line Mayoral, A. Miller, I. Monakhov, J. M. Noterdaeme, Jef Ongena, M. Paul, B. Pégourié, R. Pitts, V. Plyusnin, F. C. Schüller, G. Sergienko, M. Shimada, A. Sirinelli, W. Suttrop, C. Sozzi, M. Tsalas, E. Tsitrone, B. Unterberg and Dirk Van Eester. Recent results on Ion Cyclotron Wall Conditioning in mid and large size tokamaks. In Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 415(1):S1021--S1028, August 2011.Note: Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Plasma-Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion � San Diego (CA) (USA), May 24-28, 2010
  • A. Czarnecka, VL. Bobkov, I. Coffey, L. Colas, A. Figueiredo, PH. Jacquet, K.D. Lawson, E. Lerche, Marie-Line Mayoral, I. Monakhov, Jef Ongena, Dirk Van Eester, K. Zastrow and jet efda contributors. Impurity production by the ICRF antennas in JET. In Europhysics Conference Abstracts, Vol. 34:P5.147, June 2010.Note: 37th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, Dublin (Ireland) - 21-25 June 2010
  • F. Durodié, I. Monakhov, M. Nightingale, Marie-Line Mayoral, Arnaud Argouarch, G. Berger-By, T. Blackman, V. Cocilovo, A. Czarnecka, S. Dowson, D. Frigione, R. Goulding, M. Graham, J. Hobirk, S. Huygen, S. Jachmich, PH. Jacquet, E. Lerche, TH. Loarer, R. Maggiora, A. Messiaen, D. Milanesio, M. Nave, Jef Ongena, F. Rimini, H. Sheikh, C. Sozzi, M. Tsalas, Dirk Van Eester, M. Vrancken, A. Whitehurst, E. Wooldridge, K. Zastrow and jet efda contributors. Latest Achievements of the JET ICRF Systems in View of ITER. In IOP. editor, Proceedings Fusion Energy 2010, Vol. IAEA-CN-180:EXW/P7-04, October 2010.Note: Presented at the 23rd IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, 11-16 October 2010, Daejon (Rep. of Korea)
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