Laboratory for Plasma Physics
Ecole Royale Militaire - Koninklijke Militaire School
Avenue de la Renaissance 30, 1000 Brussels
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Stefan Jachmich


Brussels office : +32 2 441 4124
JET office : +44 1235 46 4653
Jülich office 1 : +49 24 61 61 5414


Presently on assignment at JET

Recent publications
  • V.V. Plyusnin and Stefan Jachmich. Comparison of runaway electron generation parameters in small, medium-sized and large tokamaks---A survey of experiments in COMPASS, TCV, ASDEX-Upgrade and JET. In Nuclear Fusion, Vol. 58(1):016014, January 2018.
  • Y. Oya, S. Masuzaki, M. Tokitani, K. Azuma, M. Oyaidzu, K. Isobe, N. Asakura, A. M. Widdowson, Kalle Heinola, Stefan Jachmich and M. Rubel. Correlation of surface chemical states with hydrogen isotope retention in divertor tiles of JET with ITER-Like Wall. In Fusion Engineering and Design, Vol. 132:24 - 28, July 2018.Note: ISSN 0920-3796
  • H. Strauss, Stefan Jachmich, ED. Joffrin, S. Gerasimov, Valeria Riccardo, R. Paccagnella, J. Breslau, G.Y. Fu and JET Contributors. Reduction of Asymmetric wall force in JET and ITER including Runaway Electrons. In ECA, Vol. 42A:O3.105, July 2018.
  • A. Huber, David Kinna, V. Huber, G. Arnoux, G. Sergienko, I. Balboa, C. Balorin, P. Carman, P. Carvalho, S. Collins, N. Conway, P. McCullen, A. Drenik, Stefan Jachmich, M. Jouve, Ch Linsmeier, B. Lomanowski, Peter J. Lomas, C. G. Lowry, C. Maggi, Guy Matthews, A. Meigs, Ph. Mertens, I. Nunes, M. Price, P. Puglia, Valeria Riccardo, F. G. Rimini, A. Widdowson, Klaus-Dieter Zastrow, JET and contributors. Real-time protection of the JET ITER-like wall based on near infrared imaging diagnostic systems. In Nuclear Fusion, Vol. 58(10):106021, October 2018.
  • D. Iglesias, P. Bunting, J. Coenen, Guy Matthews, R.A. Pitts, S. Silburn, I. Balboa, I. Coffey, Y. Corre, R. Dejarnac, J. Gaspar, E. Gauthier, Stefan Jachmich, K. Krieger, S. Pamela, Valeria Riccardo, M. Stamp, JET and contributors. An improved model for the accurate calculation of parallel heat fluxes at the JET bulk tungsten outer divertor. In Nuclear Fusion, Vol. 58(10):106034, October 2018.
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