Laboratory for Plasma Physics
Ecole Royale Militaire - Koninklijke Militaire School
Avenue de la Renaissance 30, 1000 Brussels
Phone: (+32) 2 441 41 19       Fax: (+32) 2 735 24 21
Andrei Goriaev


Brussels office : +32 2 441 4133


Recent publications
  • Tom Wauters, R. Brakel, Sebastijan Brezinsek, A. Dinklage, A. Goriaev, H. Laqua, Stefan Marsen, D. Moseev, T. Stange, G. Schlisio, T. Sunn Pedersen, O. Volzke, U. Wenzel and the W7-X Team. Wall conditioning by ECRH discharges and He-GDC in the limiter phase of Wendelstein 7-X. In Nuclear Fusion, Vol. 58(6):066013, June 2018.
  • S. Dickheuer, Oleksandr Marchuk, C. Brandt, A. Pospieszczyk, A. Goriaev, M. Ialovega, B. Göths, Y. Krasikov, A. Krimmer, Ph. Mertens and A. Kreter. In situ measurements of the spectral reflectance of metallic mirrors at the Hα line in a low density Ar--H plasma. In Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 89:063112, June 2018.
  • A. Goriaev, Tom Wauters, M. Van Schoor and Kristel Crombé. First results of W7-X - relevant conditioning procedures on the upgraded TOMAS device. In The European Physical Society. editor, Plasma Physics Division conference proceedings - EPS, Vol. 41F(44):P1-117, June 2017.
  • R. C. Wolf, Tom Wauters, Frédéric Durodié, A. Goriaev, J. Ongena and M. Vergote. Major results from the first plasma campaign of the Wendelstein 7-X stellarator. In Nuclear Fusion, Vol. 57(10):102020, October 2017.
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