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Magnum PSI

As part of the TEC collaboration and within the framework of Euratom, the FOM Institute Rijnhuizen is building a new machine to study plasma wall interactions. This apparatus, Magnum-PSI, will be world-wide unique and provide an important new experimental facility in the range of experiments that are available to plasma-surface-interactions (PSI) research for ITER and reactors beyond ITER.

Magnum-PSI will be the only device so far to enter the strongly coupled regime, in which molecules and dust particles that come off the surface are trapped and remain part of the plasma-surface interaction system, and thus will allow relevant studies of dust formation, re-deposition, migration and hydrogen retention. The steady-state and high flux capability, combined with the large flexibility and easy access, allow post mortem analysis which in present devices normally occurs only every 1-2 years.

LPP-ERM/KMS is involved in the design of an RF heating system for the Magnum-PSI facility. The coupler is a helicoidal slot antenna, operation in the GHz range. The modeling of the antenna requires a sofisticated computational tool. The newly developed cylindrical version of the successful TOPICA code is used to compute the coupling and to optimise the antenna. In parallel, the option of lower hybrid heating and electron cyclotron heating is investigated.

Magnum PSI