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      AUTHOR = {Mccormick, K. and Maddison, G. and Giroud, C. and Beurskens, M. and Boboc, A. and Brezinsek, S. and Eich, Th. and Fundamenski, W. and Jachmich, S. and Moulton, D. and Stamp, M. and Thomsen, H.},
      TITLE = {{Coupling between JET pedestal ne{\"i}??Te and outer target plate recycling}},
      YEAR = {2011},
      MONTH = {August},
      JOURNAL = {Journal of Nuclear Materials},
      VOLUME = {415},
      NUMBER = {1},
      PAGES = {S421--S424},
      URL = {},
      ABSTRACT = {Systematic scans using D2 gas puffing and impurity-seeding (Ne, N2) have been carried out on ELMy-H and Advanced-Tokamak-like discharges to study power deposition amelioration at the divertor target plates in preparation for the JET ITER-Like Wall (ILW). Hereby it has been discovered that the recycling ion fluxes Idiv to the outer target plate exhibit a clear connection to pedestal ne and Te, whereby the D{\^{I}} photon flux {\^{I}}D{\^{I}} from the outer divertor serves here as an approximate},
      NOTE = {Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Plasma-Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion {\"i} San Diego (CA) (USA), May 24-28, 2010},
      ANNOTE = {MEASURE OF IDIV. {\^{I}}D{\^{I}} CAN BE EXPRESSED AS (NE/TE){\^{I}}$^{2}$ WITH {\^{I}}$^{2}$ : 2.5/3depending on the scenario (EH/AT). This coupling between SOL andpedestal across the edge transport barrier (ETB) is associated witha close connection between ne and Te in the ETB over the entire rangeof operational parameters, with the slope of log Te vs. log ne being{\"i}?{\"i}0.9/1.24 for ET/AT scenarios, respectively.}


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