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      AUTHOR = {Mantica, P. and Angioni, C. and Challis, C. and Colyer, G. and Frassinetti, L. and Hawkes, N. and Johnson, T. and Tsalas, M. and deVries, P. C. and Weiland, J. and Baiocchi, B. and Beurskens, M. and Figueiredo, A. and Giroud, C. and Hobirk, J. and Joffrin, ED. and Lerche, E. and Naulin, V. and Peeters, A. G. and Salmi, A. and Sozzi, C. and Strintzi, D. and Staebler, G. and Ala, T. and Van Eester, Dirk and Versloot, T.},
      TITLE = {{A Key to Improved Ion Core Confinement in the JET Tokamak: Ion Stiffness Mitigation due to Combined Plasma Rotation and Low Magnetic Shear}},
      YEAR = {2011},
      MONTH = {September},
      JOURNAL = {Physical Review Letters},
      VOLUME = {107},
      NUMBER = {13},
      PAGES = {135004+},
      PUBLISHER = {American Physical Society},
      URL = {},
      ABSTRACT = {New transport experiments on JET indicate that ion stiffness mitigation in the core of a rotating plasma, as described by Mantica et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 102 175002 (2009)] results from the combined effect of high rotational shear and low magnetic shear. The observations have important implications for the understanding of improved ion core confinement in advanced tokamak scenarios. Simulations using quasilinear fluid and gyrofluid models show features of stiffness mitigation, while nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations do not. The JET experiments indicate that advanced tokamak scenarios in future devices will require sufficient rotational shear and the capability of q profile manipulation.},


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