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      AUTHOR = {Brezinsek, S. and Loarer, TH. and Krieger, K. and Jachmich, S. and Tsalas, M. and Coffey, I. and Esser, H.G. and Eich, Th. and Fundamenski, W. and Giroud, C. and Gr{\"u}nhagen, S. and Huber, A. and Kruezi, Uron and Knipe, S. and Maddison, G.P. and Mccormick, K. and Meigs, A. and Morgan, Ph and Philipps, V. and Sergienko, G. and Stagg, R. and Stamp, M. and Tabares, F.},
      TITLE = {{Fuel retention in impurity seeded discharges in JET after Be evaporation}},
      YEAR = {2011},
      MONTH = {July},
      JOURNAL = {Nuclear Fusion},
      VOLUME = {51},
      NUMBER = {7},
      PAGES = {073007+},
      URL = {},
      ABSTRACT = {Preparatory experiments for the ITER-Like Wall in JET were carried out to simulate the massive Be first wall by a thin Be layer, induced by evaporation of about 2.0 g Be, and to study its impact on fuel retention and divertor radiation with reduced C content and N seeding. Residual gas analysis reveals a reduction of hydrocarbons by one order of magnitude and of O by a factor of 5 in the partial pressure owing to the evaporation. The evolution of wall conditions, impurity fluxes and divertor radiation have been studied in ELMy H-mode plasmas},
      NOTE = {ISSN 0029-5515},
      ANNOTE = {Paper copy OK}


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